Mission Page

The game is played in two different styles. First it is a fight in a circled platform with the players doing boxing gloves and it is a combination of boxing, kicks and wrestling. Secondly, much like gymnastic on the floor, it demonstrates the use of a weapon- it may be a stick or a sword or bear handed.

As this is the natural game and this can be used for Fitness and Self-defense. In China Wushu is favorite game especially for old age persons. They maintain their fitness level through this game “Tai Chi”.

Everyone knows that our rural areas like FATA, Gilgit Baltistan, Peshen, etc. have so much talent in every field of life. Especially in Martial Arts, our many top players have related from that areas. Our mission is to spread this game also in rural areas of Pakistan so that we can reduce their anxiety and use their talents for the development of Pakistan in right way.

The aim of Malik Iftikhar Ahmed Founder & President Pakistan Wushu Federation is to raise the Pakistani Flag at every International Platform of Wushu and he is doing all the time to get his aim.