Pakistan Wushu Federation

Wushu, the Chinese version of Martial Arts (Kung-Fu) introduced in the country in 1992 by Malik Iftikhar Ahmed Grand Master Malik Iftikhar Ahmed. and got affiliation with International Wushu Federation in 1994. After limitless struggle, Pakistan Wushu Federation got affiliated with Pakistan Olympic Association in 1999.

Pakistan Wushu Federation is authorized to promote, develop, regulate and control the sport of Wushu in Pakistan under the rules & regulations of International Wushu Federation and Wushu Federation of Asia

After that Pakistan Wushu play a vital role in History of Pakistan Martial Arts. Wushu is the only Martial Arts that got consecutive 03 Medals in Asian Games, (15th Asian Games, Doha 2006, 16th Asian Games, Guangzhou China 2010 and 17th Asian Games, Incheon, South Korea, 2014). No other Martial Art has got any Medal in Asian Games for Pakistan. This is the struggle of Malik Iftikhar Ahmed Founder & President Pakistan Wushu Federation with his great team that Wushu is now become a very known games in Pakistan. Wushu has more than 1000 clubs from Azad Jammu & Kashmir to Gawadar, and Karachi to FATA.

Since the Pakistan Wushu Federation has established in Pakistan, Senior, Junior, Children and Girls Wushu Training have been organizing every year in all the provinces, Federally Controlled Areas and also at National level. National Wushu Championship is being organized every year. In which we found the young talent every year.

We are trying our level best for holding the International Wushu Championships in Pakistan. In this Connection Pakistan Wushu Federation organized first time the 3 Nation International Wushu Championship in Lahore from 5th to 8th May, 2016. In which the Wushu Teams from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan were participated and it was very successful event. Our parent bodies International Wushu Federation, Wushu Federation of Asia and Pakistan Olympic Association are appreciated us for holding a successful International event in Pakistan.

 “Today we have four provinces as our affiliated units, 04 Federally Governed Areas Islamabad, FATA, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir as well as another Six departments in leading public sector entities- Pakistan Army, Police, Railways, WAPDA, HEC and Pakistan Air Force.

 “What is more we have not just represented the Country in the SAF Games and the Asian Games, but acquitted ourselves rather well in those big leagues”. with obvious hint of pride that comes from a sense of achievement.