Pakistan Basket Ball Federation

  1. To promote and develop all aspects of the game of Basketball.
  2. To exercise and maintain general control of the game of Basketball in Pakistan, with particular reference to the rules and regulations for the conduct of the game and spirit of amateurism.
  3. To promote the formation of affiliated organize ensuring the fulfilment of formalities required under the constitution.(do not understand this sentence)
  4. To organize or authorize to conduct the all Pakistan tournaments, National Championships and Exhibition Matches amongst members and against Foreign Teams, including the test matches, under its own or under the auspices of its affiliated Members and exercise control on all such activities.
  5. To collect Funds for the Federation and utilize the same in such a manner as may be considered desirable for attainment of the aims and objectives of the Federation.
  6. To select the Teams and Officials to represent Pakistan in the competitions at home and to promote, control and finance visits of National Teams abroad.
  7. To promote, control and if necessary, to finance visits of foreign Teams to Pakistan.
  8. To standardize and control the functions of the Referees Board
  9. To control, supervise and coordinate all the activities of Member Units relating to the game of Basketball.
  10. To carry out all other such functions and take steps as may be conducive and considered necessary, to achieve the aims and objectives of the Federation.
  11. To arrange and encourage systematic training and to control and implement the coaching programs.